BlueBet Holdings Limited details Low6 Limited ‘strategic investment’

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Australian online sportsbetting operator BlueBet Holdings Limited has announced the signing of a deal that has seen it make a ‘strategic investment’ in British free-play gamification innovator Low6 Limited.

The Sydney-headquartered firm used an official press release (pdf) to declare that Low6 Limited specializes is supplying online sportsbetting operators around the globe with a range of ‘white-label’ gamification services. The company also stated that these advances include ‘branded gaming experiences across multiple game formats’ such as the Picks, Fantasy, Brackets and Trivia titles that help partners to improve their customer engagement, retention and acquisition activities.

Alluring aim:

BlueBet Holdings Limited disclosed that the $500,000 outlay is to allow its mobile-friendly platforms, which include the Northern Territory-licensed domain at, to exploit the free-play games vertical so as to attract and engage with even more customers. The Sydney-listed operator explained that the deal will run for five years and moreover see Low6 Limited ‘create personalized and branded gaming experiences for its customers’.

Progress pledge:

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Bill Richmond serves as the Chief Executive Officer for BlueBet Holdings Limited and he used the press release to proclaim that he is ‘excited’ about the new alliance with Low6 Limited, which he described as ‘one of the global leaders in sports gamification technology’. The experienced figure went on to assert that this deal has become immediately applicable and is all part of his enterprise’s long-standing commitment towards adding ‘new and innovative products to its portfolio’.

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Read a statement from Richmond…

We see free-play gaming as a huge adjacent opportunity to our core sportsbooks and know there is real appetite from our customers, particularly our younger customers who make up a considerable portion of our book, to extend their playing time with BlueBet Holdings Limited into new formats such as fantasy sports. We look forward to working with Low6 Limited to create bespoke iGaming solutions that fit with our differentiated consumer brands, which will attract new customers to in Australia and in the United States.”

Canadian coup:

The alliance between BlueBet Holdings Limited and Low6 Limited has been revealed less than two weeks after the latter firm inked a deal that is to see its advances utilized by the Canada-facing and sportsbetting domains operated by BQC Consulting GmbH. The Solihull-headquartered enterprise used an official October 18 press release to disclose that this preceding connection will allow the Ontario-licensed sites to exploit a selection of free-play games including new titles to be themed around the popular sports of ice hockey and gridiron football.

Extra enticements:

The Chief Executive Officer for Low6 Limited, Jamie Mitchell, utilized this second press release to pronounce that the agreement with BQC Consulting GmbH, which is a subsidiary of Sports Venture Holdings Incorporated, will allow his company to further capitalize on the opportunities being presented by ‘the relatively new Canadian market’. He went on to affirm that the alliance is to additionally permit and to enjoy access to ‘strong behavioral data’ that they will be able to exploit in order to craft a better range of tailored customer communications.

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